Sample distribution
from a Cocio truck
around 25 cities.
Pretty good idea right?

Cocio Truck

Our ambition was to challenge the common notion that consumers will only sample your product and use your branded merchandise if they receive it handed to them entirely for free.

We believed that instead of devaluing the Cocio brand and giving away samples left and right, we should capitalize on over 70 years of brand equity and attempt to develop a roadshow that not only makes Danes sit up and take notice but also opens their wallets.

A win-win situation.

25 cities in Denmark
12.000 samples
107% more samples
Expected sales 200

Cocio SummerTour

BIIP-BIIP-BIIP...? That's the sound of a 12-meter-long Cocio truck filled with bottled love, backing into summer Denmark's parking lots and creating a small party.

Cocio Summer Tour 2022 visited Skagen, Søndervig, Gilleleje, and a total of 17 other Danish summer towns in July 2022, where we averaged meeting 2,300 people and sold over DKK 15,000 per day. Revenue that we also shared with local stores.


Cathrine Rosqvist Jensen, Project Manager

“Let’s unleash your brand’s potential together. Share your vision , and let’s turn this into an experiential masterpiece for your brand’s target audience.”

Cathrine Rosqvist Jensen

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